Sustainability Nexus Forum (SNF)

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    Saroj Kumar Chapagain

    Sustainability is a topic that has emerged at the forefront of global discussion, and among the international community. As such, it has been well-acknowledged that the traditional siloed planning and management practices of past eras are not sufficient to address the complex and interconnected challenges faced by the world at present. To support the identification of new solutions to overcome these challenges, the journal, Sustainability Nexus Forum (SNF) has been derived from three main assumptions, with the first being that of Sustainability as a concept, with the global sustainability transformation having been laid out in the 2030 Agenda and in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To achieve these Goals, inter- and transdisciplinary research, and their translation into effective policy implementation remain issues to be addressed. Second, that the sustainability transformative task cannot be achieved with a traditional siloed approach. Rather, a nexus perspective that considers the interconnectedness of different groups, sectors, scales, and policy levels, is urgently needed. Third, the Journal provides a much-needed forum to exchange knowledge, experiences, and ideas among stakeholders across a range of sectors, scales, and policy levels. This platform will enable these stakeholders to engage in dialogues, debate, and shall discuss those issues related to sustainability and transformative efforts.

    SNF is proud to be an international journal that is committed to stimulating societal impact by moving past traditional siloed planning approaches, and promoting a holistic integrated approach to emphasise the need for nexus thinking. The Journal invites submissions and contributions pertaining to research articles, science policy perspectives, and commentaries and opinions, and is intended for scholars, academics, policy makers, and practitioners – although we also recognise and respect the opinions and perspectives of diverse audiences and welcome a range of contributors backgrounds.