Workshops about the SDGs

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    Franziska Stölzel

    Now that the branch in Weisswasser has been established, UNU-FLORES intends to offer those in Lusatia with a range of opportunities for scientific and knowledge transfer between research institutes and local communities as the area undergoes the coal phase-out. It is very important that these new initiatives address sustainable development in connection with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs) for the 2030 Agenda. To properly introduce the Lusatian communities to this new UNU-FLORES facility, a workshop series addressing the SDGs shall take place throughout 2023, and will be oriented to the questions of the actors, participants and interested people. To that end, the Weisswasser branch of UNU-FLORES shall invite the regional communities to several planning forums to be held during the afternoon and which will feature selected speakers. These forums will provide a platform for the participants and communities alike to discuss their specific needs, which will then be taken into consideration when designing the workshops. Thanks to a close collaboration with partners in the region, the Weisswasser branch is afforded not only the opportunity to implement initial ideas, but also to validate them after an eleven-month project period. These activities aim to contribute to discourse on sustainability in the region, and to answer the need for action in the wake of increasing water scarcity in conjunction with the effects of climate change This year will see not only discussions take place pertaining to the conditions experienced by locals in Lusatia, but to take stock of local needs for their transferal further concept proposals for the future; all of which shall enable effective joint action for a climate-friendly, resource- and nature-conserving Lusatia.