Capacity Development and Governance

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    Academic Structure – Capacity Development and Governance

    The research activities of UNU-FLORES have a strong applied and policy-oriented focus, in line with the general mission of UNU. Translating research into practice and the question of how to implement management strategies receive ample consideration. The Capacity Development and Governance Unit both assists other Units with the development of implementation concepts and management strategies and also conducts its own research on the governance of environmental resources and capacity development at the individual and institutional levels.

    Critical to advancing the Nexus Approach is an improved understanding of complex socio-ecological systems, causes of declining resilience in such systems and the role that adaptive management can play in mitigating the effects of such trends. Research undertaken on issues of Capacity Development and Governance are guided by the assumption that there are no readily available blueprints for the advancement of an integrated management of environmental resources. Further, given the acknowledged limitations of the conventional technology transfer model, capacity development approaches that aim to facilitate technology adaptation may offer a relatively more durable basis for advancing the Nexus Approach to the management of the environmental resources soil, water and waste. In institutional terms, the Capacity Development and Governance Unit focuses on research articulating key issues surrounding the Nexus Approach through a focus on intersectionality, interactionality, and hybridity.