Water Resources Management

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    Academic Structure – Water Resources Management

    The Water Resources Management Unit contributes to the formulation of management strategies for water resources. The Unit fosters an interdisciplinary and integrative perspective and focuses research on three areas, namely water availability, water quality, and trade-offs (economic, social, and environmental). In terms of water availability, the Unit looks at the assessment of amounts of water in surface and sub-surface waters, amounts of virtual water (green, blue, grey), and their conflicting uses and management (abstraction versus recharge). The emphasis on water quality, on the other hand, calls for the assessment of the types and concentration of pollutants (nutrients, pesticides, PCBs, antibiotics, hormones, heavy metals, etc.), effects of single and multiple pollutants on environmental health (plant, animal and human), as well as management practices and ecosystem resilience. Finally, in advancing the Nexus Approach, the Unit studies the economic, social, and environmental trade-offs involved by assessing the guiding principles for the use and management of water (legal frameworks, socio-economic boundary conditions, etc.) and develops options for practices and policies.